Sunday, 23 April 2017

Review: Padeve Sanitary Pad

Padeve Sanitary Pad
Let me introduce to you a new made in Singapore herbal sanitary pad brand, Padeve. 

Overall, these herbal sanitary pads are really comfortable and keeps me refreshing throughout my menstruation period. It is really thin but yet holds good absorption power. The light herbal smell is able to help cover the odour smell. The length of the pad is just nice, no leakage and no irritation throughout. At times, I even forgotten that I am wearing it. No cramps and no unpleasant feelings.I am convinced.  

About Padeve Sanitary Pad
Padeve Sanitary Pad is a herbal sanitary pad made in Singapore. 

  • Cooling and Refreshing
  • Smooth and Comfortable
  • Thin and Absorbent
  • Pleasant herbal scent  
About the product.
About the pad.
4 Designs:
  • Ultra Liners: Length 18cm
  • Ultra Day: Length 24cm
  • Ultra Night: Length 29cm
  • All Night: Length 33cm
Type of pads available.
Go to Padeve Online Site for more information. 
How to use it?
Simply choose the length and type of pad you need. Remember to throw them into the bin or sanitary bin and not flush them down the toilet. :)

My Review
I came across this local Singapore brand sanitary pad during the Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise Event.

The first thing that got me curious is that these pads contain herbals. Each different type of pad uses different type of herbals. I was told that these herbals will help ease cramps and unpleasant feeling during each month's menstruation. It will also help to regulate your menstruation and help in blood clog. 

I have personally tried all the 4 types of Padeve pad. 

First their packaging is really neat and clear. Each type of pad is represented with different colors.
4 type of pads.
And it is really thoughtful for them to make sticker opening.I am able to just tear it open and stick it back. Neat and tidy. Usually I need to tear open dotted lines or use scissor to cut open. 
Sticker opening.
Open the sticker and stick it back. 
Each type of pad came in different length. All length is just nice to my liking. Not too short yet not too long. And actually, I personally feels that if you like that particular length, you do not have to care if its use for night or day. Night pad can also be use as day pad too.
Ultra Liner.
Ultra Day.
Ultra Night.
All Night.
Before I use them, I thought to myself, how different can it be. Pad is just pad isn't it. Just the herbal part makes me wondering. 

I am one women who get use to using pad with top net layer rather than top cotton layer. I have also tried many cotton top layer pad but none really caught my attention. And I am sure once you get comfortable and used to 1 type of pad, you will hardly change it. 

But I must say, after using Padeve pad, I am really surprise how comfortable, refreshing and pleasant it kept me during that important days of the month. 

It is so thin and dry that I sometimes forgot that I am wearing one. There is no irritation on my skin as well. Because each pad contain a light herbal smell, it covers the odour blood smell

One very important problem resolved. No more leakage problem during heavy flow. The adhesive strip kept it in place without spoiling my underwear

Oh....the wings I am sure you too experience wings flying after sometime of sticking onto your underwear. But Padeve Pad's wings does not "fly" after sometimes. It is kept in place until I dispose it.

Overall, I am simply convinced how comfortable and refreshing it kept me throughout the important days of the month. It is really thin but yet holds good absorption power. The light herbal smell is able to help cover the odour smell. The length of the pad is just nice, no leakage and no irritation throughout. At times, I even forgotten that I am wearing it. No cramps and no unpleasant feelings.

Where to buy it?
You may purchase Padeve Sanitary Pad from Padeve Online Store
  • Ultra Liner: S$3.55 (30/pack)
  • Ultra Day: S$6.20 (20/pack)
  • Ultra Night: S$6.45 (18/pack)
  • All Night: S$3.20 (6/pack) 
Where to get samples?
If you love to give it a try too before you decide to buy, simply go to Padeve Online Site to request for a free sample. They will be mail to your letter box. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Review: Starsuki Kiss Me Now Lipstick + Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0

Starsuki Kiss Me Now Lipstick (1.8g) + Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0 (1.4g)
Let's check it out with me Starsuki Lipstick and Remover Pen that I received during Sample Store's Shoppers' Paradise Event from Beauty Keeper(美麗掌櫃).

This is my first time trying Starsuki products. The lipstick is indeed very moisturizing. I can feel it during application already. The color of the lipstick is very bright and vivid.

I totally loved the Perfect Remover Pen. It is perfect for people like me who are not skillful in drawing eye liners. It is handy and good for sudden makeup smudge.

About Starsuki Kiss Me Now Lipstick
  • Unique color which is bright, vivid and saturating.
  • Super moisturizing. 
  • Fine texture and excellent ductility. 
  • Contain shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, vitamin C and evening primrose oil.
About Starsuki Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0
Starsuki Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0 is a makeup correction pen.

2 brush tips:
  • 0.3mm fine point
  • Oblique tip.
  • Correct makeup in 3 seconds. 
  • Enable immediate makeup after using.
  • Non sticky and no residue. 
  • Clean and sleek. 
  • Gentle and does not pull skin.
Product introduction, Ingredients and how to use. (Click to enlarge)
How to use Starsuki Kiss Me Now Lipstick?
  1. Twise the lipstick up.
  2. Apply to your lip.
How to use Starsuki Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0?
  1. Choose the suitable pen tip and remove the makeup flaws area. 
  2. Use tissue to remove excess remover liquid if any. 
  3. Swipe the remover pen gently on tissue paper to clean.
My Review
You might have already seen quite a number of products reviews I have done for Beauty Keeper(美麗掌櫃).

Today is the first time I tried out makeup products that they carry. Lets wait no further and follow my first makeup encounter with them.

Starsuki Kiss Me Now Lipstick
Starsuki Kiss Me Now Lipstick (Peachy Lovestruck)
The lipstick that I get is number 10, Peachy Lovestuck. The first reaction when I saw the color of the lipstick I go ,"Ooh La La!!!" It feels a bit too bright and vivid to me.
Number 10, Peachy Lovestuck
The lipstick is pinkish red in color.
Pinkish red in color.
Nice pinkish red.
Ok, I seldom apply too bright color lipstick. I admit, I am a little shock to see the color. Because I seldom apply or rather I seldom buy lipstick having this color. While since this lipstick is already in my possession, I shall give it a try. :)

The first thing I notice is that the lipstick is really very moisturizing. Good for people with dry lips.

As for the color, well I am still not comfortable with the color. I think I will use a tone down lipstick with this to tone down the color next time. My mum say I look Ok. What do you think?
Before application.
After application.
Starsuki Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0
Starsuki Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0
How many of you is like me? Wanted to try drawing eye liner but scared to do so because not very skillful with it. The moment I saw this product, I go "Hurray!!!" This product is made for me! :)

There are 2 sides to the pen. 1 with a thin pointed brush and 1 with an oblique tip brush.
2 sided brush.
There is no much residue to the brush. The brush is soft and easy to use.

I did a test on my hand with pencil eye liner, gel eye liner and lipstick. It is being removed so easily without much effort within seconds. No excess residue left at all.
Before using the remover pen.
After using the remover pen. Makeup removed.
I will definitely put this in my bag so that it will come to my rescue anytime. :)

Where to buy them?
Starsuki products can be bought from Beauty Keeper(美麗掌櫃) online store.

Where to get sample?
No sample for these products. :)

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Review: Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks

Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks (325ml / Can)
Let's talk about Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks for this review.

Overall,this sparkling drink is less gassy, less sweet and less calories. And great to know that it is made with real fruit juice. Perfect for people like me who seldom drink soft drink but craving to have it once in a blue moon. 

About Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks
Juscool Sparkling Drinks is a new refreshing bubbly drink from Yeo'
  • Lightly Carbonated.
  • Made with real fruit juice.
  • Awarded Healthier Choice Symbol by Singapore HPB. 
  • Less 25% sugar and less calories.
Ingredients and Nutrition.
Healthier Choice Symbol.
6 flavours:
  •  Apple, Peach, Grapes, Orange, Passion Fruit, Yuzu
Ways to drink it?
There are many ways to drink this sparkling drink. You can:
  • Just drink it cold with ice. 
  • Convert it into dessert types or drink concoction. 
  • Made it into ice popsicles. 
  • Add vodka and make it into cocktail.  
My Review
Last month at Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise Event, I was given a bag of Juscool Sparkling Drinks from Yeo's. 

Yeah! New drinks. I was spoiled with choices. There is a total of 6 flavours. Which one should I drink first? :)
6 flavours to choose from.
I have tried all 6 flavours starting with Yuzu flavour. 

Basically, I am 1 person who don't really drink soft drink, let alone frizzy drink. But sometimes once in a blue moon, I will also crave for frizzy drink. However, still don't dare to drink it coz it's not at all healthy. 

This Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks allows me to cure my crave once in a blue moon. It's awarded healthier choice symbol and most importantly, it is actually less sweet and less gassy. Just nice for me. 

Frizzy drink is best drink ice cold. Applies to this drink too. To make it even more healthy, I actually added real fruits (although it is made of real fruit juice) and also Chia Seeds into the drink. 
Yuzu Flavour Juscool.
I love Yuzu flavour best. So it's done using Yuzu Flavour Juscool Drink. Add a little deco and it's great to serve it to guest. :) Looks good and taste good. 
My own dessert drink with Juscool.
Their other flavours taste just as nice too. Passion fruit 2nd my list. A great flavour to minus the too meaty and oily food taste. And I like how the apple flavour looks so much like a champagne. 
Apple and Passion Fruit flavours.
Ok still that word, no matter how healthier choice symbol it had, we should eat and drink moderately. "Moderately", the key word to healthy life. :D

Go on to pamper yourself sometimes with this Juscool Sparkling Drinks from Yeo's.

Where to buy it?
Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks can be bought at all major supermarkets and convenience stores. They comes in 325ml Can, 500ml and 1.5L Pet bottles formats.

Where to get sample?
Nope. No sample for this. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Event: Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise + Influencers Party

Last weekend is a busy week for me. For you too? What are we busy about? Well, last week from 23 Mar to 26 Mar 2017, is another round of buzzing shopping event from Sample Store called "Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise" held at Waterway Point in Punggol.
Performance stage at Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise.
Crowd at Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise.
One of the not to be missed item is of course the redemption of their free goodies bag. Just by being their member and first 3000 to click redemption and go down to the event for collection, you will get a nice Sample Store tote bag filled a full size Klarity Diamond Glow Overnight Masque + Belif Sample Kit.
Sample Store Goodies Bag
That's not all, if you spend $50 or snap a photo and post it on your social media, you get to spin the wheel for a sure win prize.
Spin the wheel.
As usual, there are lots of booths, lots of discounts, goodies and lucky draws for Sample Stores' Event. Its always nice to explore the booths. I get to see familiar brands such as Beauty Keeper (美麗掌櫃), Que Origin, Chris Sim Temporary tattoo, Wild Harvest Care, etc. 
Some of the familiar booths from the event.
There are new brands that I get to know too. Padeve, Beauty Hub, etc. 
Other new brand booths at the event.
Besides booths, this time round there are great performance live from the finalists of SING! China Season 2. I get to enjoy their great singing while shopping. :)
Performance from SING! China Season 2 Finalists.
For me, I not only get to enjoy myself at the Shoppers' Paradise, I get to relax myself too at the Influencers Party held at Waterway Point's Party Room.
This party room is decorated like a children's world.
This Party Room is only launched this month and is open for booking. This looks like a great place to held party especially for children as the place is decorated like a children's world. Facilities are included like 2 tables, 8 chairs, 8 children stools, pantry area with refrigerator, sink, hot water dispenser and TV. 
Waterway Point's Party Room (Image courtesy Sample Store and WaterWay Point)
Lunch is sponsored by Brunches cafe. Thanks for the delicious and beautiful looking food especially the rainbow burger.
Lunch is sponsored by Brunches cafe.
Not forgetting, I get to go home with generous goodies bag from the following sponsors.

Beauty Keeper (美麗掌櫃)
I get to know this Taiwan Online Store last year from Sample Store Giftopia Event. Here, they have lots of products, from skin care, hair care, mask, makeup brush to sports bra, etc.
Some of the products at Beauty Keeper Booth.
As I am still enthusiastically trying out their products given to me last year during Giftopia event, I was given a bag full of their new products at the event. Can't wait to try them. Look out for my reviews in my blog after I have tried them. :)
Goodies Bag from Beauty Keeper (美麗掌櫃).

Padeve is a new brand I get to learn during this event. It's great to find a local brand women's care product. Their sanitary pads contains herbal that helps to make this every month activity for women a comfortable and nice one. Their pads are ultra thin but have great absorption power.
Padeve Sanitary Pads.
Thanks Padeve for the bag of their different varieties of sanitary pads. I am sure it will be of great help for my monthly affair. :)
Goodies from Padeve.

Yeo's JusCool + SampleStore
Besides products to use, I get to bring home a bag of cool and refreshing JusCool sparkling drinks from Yeo's which consist of 6 different flavours.

Gassy drinks is always something I am afraid of. But it is great to know Yeo's JusCool contain real fruit juice, lightly carbonated and 25% less sugar. And most importantly I can drink at ease as it's awarded Healthier Choice Symbol.

Not forgetting S$20 Capital Mall Voucher from Sample Store.
Yeo's JusCool goodies Bag + Capital Mall Voucher.
Thanks for always pampering us. :)

If you have miss out this event. Never mind. Because there is an up coming Sample Store's Beauty Show happening on 2nd April Sunday. This Beauty Show is brought to you by Beauty Keeper and is held at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and is hosted by Hossan Leong.

Join in to preview new beauty products from Beauty Keeper and enjoy special appearances by SING!China Season 2 Singapore Selection 2017 Grand Finalists. Purchase your tickets at S$10 each from The Sample Store. (Fully redeemable for products on Beauty Keeper website. Plus receive an exclusive Beauty Keeper goodie bag worth over $50!)
Don't say I Bo Jio and thanks for reading!!! ;)

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by Sample Store. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event.